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Essence of Dubai


Dubai - these are all great things in the world - just a corner bigger, the largest mall, a ski hill in the desert, the largest artificial islands and more. Many sights combine with a lot of luxurious hotels, a sun protection, and many shopping possibilities - Dubai offers a lot. Global India Passages has mentioned here all the famous destinations of Dubai which are the things that you should do in Dubai. We have also written the prices for each attraction so you can plan accordingly.

1. Burj Khalifa:

The highest building in the world is called Burj Khalifa, named after the ruler of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was announced by the ruler of the Arab Emirate, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, at the opening ceremony in Dubai.

When visiting Dubai, the view of the city from the world's tallest building is a unique experience. Burj Khalifa will inspire you - not only with its incomparable luxury but also with its impressive and stimulating nature.
It is 828 meters high nearly 830 meters to the highest point and rises above all other unusual buildings of Dubai. From its vantage point, you can see kilometers and admire the cosmopolitan city of Dubai in its entire size. Plan a visit to Burj Khalifa and take home this memorable memory.

Burj Khalifa with over 160 floors impresses all visitors. Its modern design reflects the distinction with surprising details and elegant strokes that contribute to its global beauty. Drive up to the supervisory tower and enjoy a drink on the world's tallest terrace by enjoying the view sip for sip. Watch the horizon and the color variations of the sky from sunrise to sunset.

On the ground floor is a park with lush vegetation and numerous wells. The Dubai Fountain is a feast for the eye with its special choreography and numerous effects that surprise the visitors. On the way to this main attraction of Dubai, you can make sure of the urban inspiration of its structure and the masterpiece of its construction. They are in the heart of Dubai and see the best example of the beginning of a new era with lots of luxury in the Middle East. Burj Khalifa represents the identity of Dubai in a magnificent way among the architectural wonders and at the center of the international business world.

2. Dubai Fountain:

Everyone has ever seen pictures or videos of the Dubai Fountain - especially if a holiday in Dubai is planned and you look at the numerous sights already in advance. Logically, a visit to the fountain at the Burj Khalifa is an absolute must for many visitors. Global India Passages also recommend watching at least one performance of the daily breathtaking and beautiful water games. When the best time is for which restaurants with a unique view are recommended and much more, we have summarized for you.

The most important thing, of course, is to know when the fountain is active. The Dubai Fountain starts every day at 6:00 pm. But also in the lunch time, at 13:00 and 13:30, a show takes place. Especially in the evening is worth a trip to the Dubai Fountain, because of the illuminated water then a very particularly beautiful sight granted. The music changes every half an hour and the fountains stretch into the air at different shows and distances. It takes about four to five minutes per piece, and the water shoots up to 150 meters and dances to the various Burj Khalifa lakes.

Dubai Fountain is so beautiful which guaranteed to give you Goosebumps, is especially worth mentioning 6,600 lights and 25 color projectors support the water fountains in this wonderful drama. Worldwide, there is only one other similar water system, located in Las Vegas.

The breathtaking view is, of course, the view platforms of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. From the 124th or 148th floor you can watch the water games from the height. Goose bumps, romance, and fascination are guaranteed. Also on the Souk Al Bahar Bridge, the Dubai Mall connects with the Souk Al Bahar, you can observe the water fountains very well. The advantage of this is that you can have a look at a show and then have dinner in one of the nearby restaurants.

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Chardham Yatra by Global India Passages Ex Delhi 10 Days 9 Nights


Every devotee and wayfarer of this country wishes to go on a holy pilgrimage to the Himalayas once in their lifetime. It is a deed that every Indian Hindu wishes to fulfil and is considered to be exceedingly sacred. So, Global India Passages have come up with their 9–nights, 10-days trip to the Chardham Yatra (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath & Badrinath) with complete guide from their tour experts.
Devotees begin their journey with arrival at New Delhi followed by a drive To Haridwar. They get to see the Ganga Aarti in the evening. Next morning, pilgrims drive to Uttarkashi and offer their prayers to Kashi Viswanath temple. Uttarkashi serves as the second night halt.
Day 3 begins with a drive to Gangotri. Once there, pilgrims can devote their pujas to Ganga Maiya and take a holy bath in the Ganges. Later that evening, they return to Uttarkashi. The fourth day includes travelling to Guptkashi an exploring the hill station.
Next morning, Pilgrims drive from Guptkashi to Sonprayag. A 20 km trek follows this journey up to Kedarnath where devotees can reside in lodges/camps. They get up early morning to reach Kedarnath temple by 4.45 am.  It includes the Garbha Griha tour and puja after Abhishek to Lord Shiva.
After descending, tourists are taken to Rudraprayag for their night halt and next morning Badrinath via Joshimath. Once there, pilgrims offer their pujas to Badrinath temple and return to Rudraprayag the following day. This is followed by Rudraprayag sightseeing.
This Chardham Yatra package with Global India Passages ends with return to Rishikesh, Haridwar and final drop at Delhi Railway Station/Airport.

·         Ganga Aarti (Haridwar).
·         Kashi Viswanath temple (Uttarkashi).
·         Gangotri trip.
·         Kedarnath Abhishek of Lord Shiva.
·         Tapt Kund & Badrinath darshan.

·         Ram Jhula & Laxman Jhula (Rishikesh).

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Cultural Experience of India

Cultural Experience of India

India, the land of Gods and natural beauty offers multiple cultural experiences for tourists planning to visit here. The vibration of bliss can be felt in the socio-economic life of common people, where majority of them lives in villages. Religious shrines, holy rivers, ancient texts, heritage buildings, forts and palaces, markets, fairs and festivals leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds of travelers seeking cultural legacy of the nation.

Here, the children are taught to rely upon their own spiritual cultural practices and resist the temptation of materialistic world. The great epics of Sanskrit literature Ramayana and Mahabharat depicts ancient culture of India. Most of modern traditions and customs have its roots in ancient scriptures. The folding of hands (Namaste) has turned to be internationally-famed practice to welcome others. Rich cultural heritage of India has always been a hot topic of discussion among historians, academicians and writers all over the world.

The cordial relations among different communities and people of different religions make this country the perfect place to live and flourish. The myriad culture and traditions attract exotic tourists to this nation like a magnet attracts nails. It is a nation of sand, sea, rivers, lakes and snow-capped mountains which offers tourism of various tastes like culture tourism, village tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism and heritage tourism.

Yoga Experience: Yoga is integral part of Indian culture from past many centuries. Yoga is an art of living which originated in higher mountains near Ganga river. The whole world has acknowledged the importance of yoga to make the world happier and healthier with bond of universal brotherhood.
Religious Festivals: India is a nation of God-fearing people and people here are religious from the core of their heart. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, all festivals devoted to various Gods/Goddess are celebrated with spirit and flavour.

Kumbh fair that comes once in a 12 year is the largest congregation of religious people near holy Ganga. The arrival of foreign tourists in this gala fair in search of mystery and tranquility is a growing trend in cultural tourism of India.

Indian culture is a phenomenon spreading rapidly across the country. Here, feeding a beggar or stray dogs is considered to be pious activity, and they never feel neglected and unloved. Here, the guest is treated as next to God. You don't need any prior appointment to visit any home.

In the past 1500 years, much foreign power invaded India and explored the land for wealth and went back with plenty of it. But the indigenous culture remained impervious facing all oddities and onslaught.
Democracy in Cultural Land: Culture and tradition make up the bright, fertile land on which democracy flowers. Indian culture educates the world, and continues to do for centuries to come. India is a home not just for Hindus, Muslim and Christians only, but for everyone who is part of it. To be a part of this nation, even by a small measure, is truly amazing.

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Nine Things To Do In A Mountain Town This Summer

Nine Things To Do In A Mountain Town This Summer

If you want to experience a great and memorable summer vacation, then you should look no further than the quintessential mountain town. While most families flock to overcrowded beaches, mountain spots are becoming more coveted and treasured as the holy grail of vacation destinations. With an endless supply of mountain activities at hand, you are sure to find something for everyone. Take a look at the following nine options for activities in the mountains:

1. Ski
Some people are surprised to learn that every once in a while, there can be snow in a summer mountain. The key is to search for the right spot. And where there is no snow, locate a lake and try your hand (or foot!) at water-skiing!

2. Hike
This is one of the most timeless and classic of all activities. Hiking in the sunshine boosts the adrenaline and increases a rush of endorphins, causing happiness and euphoria. Just make sure you pack the right gear, namely comfortable and appropriate footwear.

3. Camp.
So this may require a bit of research, if you lack the experience, but camping is a family, and individual, favorite for many. Tents are, of course, optional with some preferring to sleep in the great outdoors, under a blanket of stars.

4. Find a local festival.
A true mountain town is sure to play host to a unique and exciting festival. Some of the most popular mountain festivals include ones celebrating music, food and even wine. Some are historical tests and some are just quirky. Regardless, research the area in which you will be staying and check out the events calendar for the nearest town. You may be surprised at what you find.

5. Look for old mines.
Mountains, especially those further west, play host to some historical mines. These can be fascinating spots, full of history and possibly gold. Some of these spots still offer opportunities of gold or diamond scavenging.

6. Swim in a stream.
It is rare to find a mountain town that does not boast at least one good swimming hole. With fast-moving streams and beautiful ponds and lakes, you are sure to find some primo swim spots. Look online or ask the locals for help locating one. Or just go exploring and find your own. Bathing suit optional if you find one remote enough.

7. Plan a picnic.
Ever wonder why it is that food served outdoors just tastes better? It must be the sunshine, scenery and general positivity that comes from experiencing nature in its true element. Pack a blanket, a basket and some food, and you are all set. There can be no greater dining experience!

8. Horseback ride.
Generally there are opportunities for horseback riding in a mountain town. Ask around for local guides and stables. Check with the concierge at your local hotel spot and search online ahead of time. This can be a unique way to see the mountainside.

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What to Look for When Researching Travel Accommodations

What to Look for When Researching Travel Accommodations
The world travels constantly. At any given time millions of travelers are checking into rooms that were recently used by someone else. Kind of a scary thought isn't it? Social media has participated in a major way to influence consumers to be far more informed about the quality of the accommodation they choose. Consumer sites like TripAdvisor, Google, and B& to name a few provide quality information from consumer experiences that are regulated for true content before being published.

Of growing popularity are the small business entrepreneurs that own and operate bed and breakfast locations. The reason for emphasis on the individual business owner is that often they are also the operator and closely involved with daily procedures that affect the quality of accommodations the next guest will occupy. Small innkeeper entrepreneurs are a group that takes great pride in providing a service that will give customers a lasting impression. These consumers are more likely to take time to submit an honest review for future guests.

A bed and breakfast may utilize more locally originated suppliers to equip and supply the daily items used for guest comforts. Items like local, fresh in-season produce (strawberries, peaches, and apples, etc.) are amenities you won't find at the large hotels. Often they employ high quality chefs to provide a multi course breakfast you won't find anywhere else. In-room amenities are often provided for guests' comfort and are equal to or exceeding premium hotels in much busier high traffic locations. B&Bs in their own, while likely costing a little more per night are a good value providing a quality breakfast; likely cooked fresh.

Consumers who are planning traveling accommodations will benefit by consulting several reviews from over a period of time; not just the most recent. Travelers leaving reviews often make comments of the quality of cleanliness, hospitality, and overall quality of their visit. While recent reviews are good, if they are consistently favorable this is a good indication that the facility is maintaining a good practice.

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20 Easy to Learn Tips for Your Camping Trip

20 Easy to Learn Tips for Your Camping Trip

If you're new to camping, it can be a frightful experience to live in and amongst nature after spending your whole life in the comforts and luxury of civilization. But fear not! Follow these camping tips to make your camping experience full of stories about nature hikes and comradery with friends and not about waking up to hundreds of bug bites or sleeping out in the cold.

1. Your Rake Has More Than Just One Use
You can use it to cook all your hot dogs at the same time. This works if you don't have a grill.

2. No Need for Lunchboxes
Pack any type of food in foil. This keeps the food fresh for a long time if wrapped correctly.

3. Conserve Matches
Using Vaseline, coat a ball of cotton and wrap it in aluminum foil. This can last for up to 10 minutes.

4. Try This for a Firestarter
Dip circular cotton pads in wax. It's that simple.

5. Create Your Own Torch
Fill an empty Altoids tin with cardboard then add wax on top.

6. Create a Makeshift Grill
All you need is an old or unused egg carton and charcoal. Put the charcoal into the egg carton. You're good to go.

7. Don't Lose Your Keys
Especially in boating activities, attach your key(s) to a cork.

8. Carry Your Pre-Made Pancakes
Prior to your camping day, make your pancake batter and store enough batter for each pancake in plastic bags, then freeze them.

9. Use Rosemary in Place of Marinade
Place the rosemary beneath the meat and directly above the charcoal.

10. Got valuables?
Make a fairly deep hole in your soap and fit them safely inside. If it works for the Boy Scouts, it can work for you.

11. Keep Your Toilet Paper Protected
Take a can that is equivalent to the size of the toilet roll. Cut a fairly long slit along the can. Put the roll into the can and seal it with the lead.Useful Tips and Tricks to Make

12. Create Your Own Lantern
Strap a head lamp to either an old soda bottle or gallon jug of water. This will 'magnify' the light and keep your tent well lit.

13. No Need for Speakers
Instead of packing your phone's separate plugin speaker, simply place your phone in a mug. This will work perfectly, provided the mug is ceramic.

14. Natural Repellents Work Best
If your campsite is infested with mosquitoes, don't waste money on repellants. Sage is a natural herb that keeps mosquitoes away when it comes into contact with fire.

15. Easiest Way to Pack Your Spice
Your food doesn't need to be bland just because you're camping. A Tic Tac container is the best way to store whatever spice(s) you may have in mind.

16. Heading to a Cold Campsite?
Put on the clothes you intend to wear the next day and climb into your sleeping bag. While you sleep at night you're actually warming your clothes. This trick works best, especially during winter.

17. No Kindler? Use Doritos
If you've ever done this, you know that Doritos are a great way to kindle fire. Do this if you're not having much luck lighting damp wood.

18. No Need for a Coffee Maker
All you need is a coffee filter and dental floss. Put your desired amount of coffee into the coffee filter and use the dental floss to tie it up. This will act somewhat like a teabag.

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Information about Kerala for FIRST TIME VISIT INDIA & KERALA PART

GLOBAL INDIA PASSAGES introduce Kerala, a state on the Malabar coast in southern India is almost one of the most popular Foreigner & Indian destinations. It has been popular among tourists like Backwater, Hills, Mountains, Tea Estates- SUDDEN because geographically it is the complete tour package - It has everything from serene beaches to scenic hills surrounding, from tea estates & spice plantations to dense forests & backwaters. Apart from scenic beauty, it is popular for classical dances, Ayurvedic treatments,  - Kathakali & Mohiniattam, & of course, its delicious cuisine.


The legendary tea gardens estate of Munnar...

Planning your trip

Planning a trip to kerala can get overwhelming, from narrowing down to the place to selecting what to see & do, to all the bookings. Having received mixed reviews from friends & acquaintances, 
You will have Kerala on your bucket list for the longest time, Not wanting to miss out on anything, you can plan  a tight 9 days trip covering Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Allepy & Poovar, planning to stay in each place 2 days & in Poovar for a day

Kerala itinerary for couples
Kerala travel itinerary

TripAdvisor became my planing bible & you will book throw online  ended up booking hotels & flights from a combination of the sites.

In the first of the two series guide, we will be sharing our experiences from two major tourist attractions - Kochi and Munnar. 

Kochi / Cochin

Kochi, the largest city in Kerala, has historically been an important port city right from the 14th century - colonised by the Portuguese, Dutch & British at different times in history, Ernakulam is the citys  cosmopolitan part where as Fort Kochi is the tourist hub.. The city still preserves an intriguing mix of architecture from its varying colonial past. 

fort kochi kerala map
Checking out the map at Fort...
fort kochi elephants
Elephants on Kochi streets

You can chose to stay in fort Kochi area which is almost 40 Kms from the airport, luckily there are hourly AC buses from airport to fort Kochi.

We chose to discover this area on foot since all the places we wanted to see were close to each other.The fort Kochi area has it own quaint charm, It is buzzing with tourists, but each at their own pace - this part of the city has a homestay in every corner! 

You will first walked to the Chinese fishing nets - Iconic to Kochi, these cantilevered fishing nets are said to be in use since 500 years! these are fixed land installations & each of them is about 10M high operated by a team of 5-6 fishermen. If you wait around, you might get to watch them in use!

fort kochi chinese fishing nets
Chinese Fishing nets
You can visit the folklore museum but being shut on Sunday, instead we walked on; stopping from time to time taking pictures of interesting street art - you can also visited David hall & OED galleries on the way. Do stop by if you are an art lover, I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Dilip, who spent time with us & showed us the gallerys diverse contemporary art collection, you can also check the gallery website if the current exhibition is of interest to you before going there.

Mattancherry is known for spice markets, you can visit a local spice store called All spices market & were in awe of the variety of spices,oils,teas & coffees & felt like a kid in a candy store! I even bought chocolate tea! (which I dont recommend!). Some of the street stores also sell spices, herbs, soaps & oils.The Mattancherry (Dutch) palace museum is definitely worth a visit. The museum captures a small part of Kochis Traditional, Portuguese & Dutch history.It is said to cover an episode from the epic in 48 paintings. Another part of the museum documents the portraits & lifestyles of the rajas of Cochin.
The Murals in the bedchamber part of the palace depict scenes from the Ramayana.  One can also find a few items of furniture gifted to the rajas from the Portuguese. 
fort kochi old house
An interesting building on the way to Mattancherry
fort kochi all spices market
All Spices market
fort kochi antique shop mattancherry
Antique Store at Mattancherry

Jew street has some very interesting antiques & gifting items, once can find painted cow heads, little house boats & hand made soaps everywhere. Many antiques sold here are not traditionally from Kerala though, I was surprised to find many shops selling handicrafts from Kashmir & Rajasthan not just here but at most tourist attractions in Kerala. The Jewish or Pardesi synagogue is a highlight of this area. This entire area preserves parts of its Jewish heritage. One can also purchase lace & needle work pieces like table runners & matts locally made by the residents of the area.

fort kochi pardesi synagogue
The Pardesi Synagogue from outside
fort kochi jew street
Shops at Jew Street

You will find the churches of St Francis & Santa cruz basilica particularly interesting.Kochi also has some interesting Churches, here one finds a unique blend of European architecture (introduced by the Portuguese, Dutch & British respectively) & Kerala architecture in terms of motifs, mural painting or wood carving & there isnt a standard layout for these churches either. 

fort kochi our lady of hope church
Our Lady of Hope Church
You can eat Kashi cafe (& art gallery - another recommendation if you are an art buff like us!) Every cafe we visited in the city had great cold coffee & homemade cake.At night  we ventured out to princess street - it is a great place to shop & eat! It rained that evening & being unprepared, we were drenched (it often rains in Kochi, be sure to carry your umbrella when you visit!) One can see pretty houses with flowers on their windowsills & more street art across this area. 

fort kochi rain in night
It rains often in Kochi...
Kashi cafe (Art & food) & Oceanos (seafood) If you like Art & Seafood - I bet youll like Kochi as much as I did! If you enjoy seafood, Kochi has some pretty great restaurants & cafes - My favourites are Fort house restaurant without a doubt as it  had the best food we had in the entire trip; evenings are the best time to visit since it has a great view as well. 

Here's another article to know more about Fort Kochi: India. Fort Cochin, Kerala

fort house restaurant fort kochi
Fort House Restaurant
fort house restaurant food thali
Lunch at Fort House restaurant


Munnar is a Hill-station on the foothills of the western ghats, One of the most sought after tourist spots of Kerala owing to its scenic beauty - lush carpeted plantations of tea & spices around its hills. It is also the largest tea growing region of the south.

munnar kerala tea gardens
Tea Gardens at Munnar
We took only AC KSRTC  volvo bus from Kochi to Munnar, Starting from Ernakulam bus depot at 9AM. The journey was scenic but nearly 5 hours long! and all through the way, our bus driver played 90s Bollywood music! So our playlist comprised of - songs from Raja Hindustani, Ashiquie, Darr & other nineties hits! quite a nostalgic journey if you ask me!

munnar kerala tea gardens
View from the bus
I found taxis quite expensive in Munnar & realised the need to bargain (luckily, I had Vikram for this!) Kerala is hot during February, & as I found out much later, its not the best time to visit Munnar - the waterfalls start to dry up & the wildlife sanctuaries are shut due to breeding season (Eravikulam national park was shut) so we werent able to do any wildlife activities! 

munnar rope bridge
An old rope bridge

One of the things I enjoyed most in Munnar, was stopping on the way & walking through tea gardens, there are many many scenic places to discover by chance & If you are lucky, youll get to see tea pickers in action!
Though Scenic, with large properties, resorts in Munnar are far away from the market & tourist spots, we had to plan our entire day well before leaving the hotel. While we were not able to make it to all the places on our list - My favourite was the Kanan Devan Tea factory & museum. Vikram & I have become green tea converts with this trip & ended up buying a lot of tea from the factory store (make sure you carry a big bag here ;) ) 

munnar kerala tea gardens
A rock and tea plantations
munnar kerala tea gardens
Walking through tea gardens
munnar kerala tea gardens vikran tej
Vikram picking tea :)
munnar kerala tea gardens
Tea picker Jothy...

On the way back, our cab driver stopped by many places, claiming that these were Shooting points or points where some Bollywood film shooting has taken place. although truth be told all of it was equally scenic!
The Mattupetty dam was extremely scenic! beautiful, calm & serene. Though it was quite sunny around 4pm, (the Kerala sun is quite harsh, during the day & it gets hot by 9 am! dont leave your hotel without a hat & sunglasses & carry appropriate sunscreen). Boating at Mattupetty dam is one of the main attractions here.This whole stretch is scenic, one can walk around, boat or even shop for home made chocolates in the stretch of stalls by the lake. A completely commercialised tourist spot now - it has all the street food one would expect corn, coconut water,peanuts, snack stalls & even Passion fruit vendors! One can club visiting Mattupetty dam with Top station as both these are only a few kilometres apart. 

munnar kerala mattupetty dam lake
Mattupetty Dam
elephant ride in munnar kerala
Elephant ride at Munnar

I didnt enjoy the food in Munnar all that much. I also surprisingly found the coffee & tea very mild & milky here. Munnar was not my favourite of the Kerala trip for sure, but I do plan to come again in the monsoon or winter to visit all the places Ive missed out on!
I found the elephant ride in Munnar to be short & over rated & would recommend the one in Thekkady since its in the forest! We also chose to visit spice plantations in Thekkady Instead of Munnar.

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Essence of Dubai

DUBAI:- Dubai - these are all great things in the world - just a corner bigger, the largest mall, a ski hill in the desert, the larges...